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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Nirvana In Fire OST
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Track List : 30 tracks

01. 风起时 (When The Wind Blows) Hu Ge
02. 红颜旧 (Aging of a Beauty) Liu Tao
03. 赤血长殷 (Loyal Blood Runs Forever Red) ~ Wang Kai
04. 行进 (March) ~ Meng Ke (孟可) 
05. 紧张对峙 (Tense Stalemate) ~ Meng Ke (孟可) 
06. 开阔 (Expansive) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
07. 谋划 (Strategise) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
08. 插曲 (Interlude) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
09. 诡计 (Deception) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
10. 情感 (Emotions (Bawu ver.) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
11. 情感2 (Emotions 2) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
12. 情感3 (Emotions 3) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
13. 谈话 (Conversation) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
14. 悬疑 (Suspense) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
15. 悬疑 [Suspense (Xiao ver.)] ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
16. 追赶 (Chasing) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
17. 最后的审判 (Last Judgement) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
18. 主题 (Main Theme) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
19. 主题2 (Main Theme 2) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
20. 战争场面 (Battle situation) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
21. 战争场面2 (Battle situation 2) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
22. 争分夺秒 (Race Against Time) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
23. 背景氛围音乐 (Ambience) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
24. 悬疑3 (Suspense 3) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
25. 情绪音乐 (Emotional Music) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
26. 女主题 (Women's Theme) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
27. 幽默,欢快 (Humour, Lively) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
28. 幽默2 (Humour) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
29. 思念 (Longing) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)
30. 父子拔剑 (Stand-off between father and son) ~ Meng Ke (孟可)

Get the complete file here : UC- 1/22/2

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红颜旧 – 刘涛
Faded Beauty – Liu Tao
In a night of western wind and cold mountain rain
I dream of home country
I especially miss you who I have not seen
Separation is hard but we endure it
When will the war end
And the victors and losers cease to matter
Time draws near yet tears persist
The world is new but the beautiful woman has grown old
Endure the separation
I cannot endure it yet we must part
I ask the birds to fly south
But where to send my message
Beauty fades
Time will change
But this love will go on

风起时 – 胡歌
When Wind Blows – Hu Ge
变幻 风云几卷
Changes and stories chronicle the pages
Trouble time stirring fears
血仍殷 何人心念
Blood still flows but no one cares
Strong fire burns off lifelong hopes
慧剑 借别红颜
Sword is given away to her
I have no wish for long life
帝阙巍 豪气仍在
Emperor’s palace is towering and mighty
冰心誓 破长夜天
Crystal clear vows lit the night
昔年朱弓 壁上空悬
The red bow from long ago hangs on the wall
征途望断 铁甲犹寒
Long march begs for an end while the armors still bright
明眸在心 青山难掩
The forest cannot hide from the perceptive eyes
江山如画 是我心言
I say the world is like a painting
关山横槊 谁可补天
Who can repair the heaven when Mt. Guan lays across
碧血长枪 昨日少年
The youth from yesterday with precious blood and long spear
孤影归途 不见烽烟
Returns by his lonely self, no more war
一笔千秋 后人心间
It is written for all to see
That wind scatters the cloud

赤血长殷 – 王凯
Loyal Blood Forever Runs Red – Nick Wang
青砖黛瓦 故景如旧
The house looked the same
草木无情 不解凡忧
But nature mercilessly had taken its course
The fire that destroyed all left little behind
一袭白衣祭故人 陈情此时休
He dressed in funeral clothes to remember the dead
霁月清风 琅琊榜首
Moon appeared, wind blew, he who ranked first on Lang Ya Bang
谁记昔年 策马风流
Who still remembers he rode carefree on a horse way back when
十载倏忽过 几回魂梦旧游
Decades came and gone, he wandered among the old haunts
又多少冤魂织就 那缓带轻裘
How many wrongful deaths weaved the thin jacket he wore
尔虞我诈斗 无论缘由
It had always been a dog eats dog world
They called it to the victor go the spoils
这风雨一路 他只影独走
He walked alone on this turbulent path
Giving up all that was happy and sad
尘埃落定后 提缰回首
After dust settled and he looked back
Remembering everything that had happened
暗香幽幽 江山皆没入一眸
Taking in the smell and the land
朱墙宫深 人心难嗅
Inside the palace, it’s hard to snuff out people’s intentions
Amongst the web of femininity
黑白纵横 杀伐无由
On a checkerboard, killing were done without cause
权倾谈笑变 妙计敛藏于袖
Power changed hands in a blink of an eye, brilliant ideas hid up the sleeves
负手算尽天下事 当饮一樽酒
He calculated all that would happen while drinking wine
病骨一身 未雨绸缪
With his sickly body, he planned
心中算谋 几人看透
Few could decipher his schemes
纵年寿难永 无愧一生所求
Although he couldn’t live forever, he had no regret
此去踏关山千重 将前尘挥袖
He departed for Mt Guan leaving behind the past
泣血书千轴 悲歌唱彻
Thousand rolls of books made of tear and blood sang of elegy
Bodies may perish but determination will never fail
且待赤焰归 整军再从头
Just wait until Chiyan army regroup for another fight
To protect our country again
But the spear only traded losses
He spent the rest of his life upholding integrity
The blood runs red
The ambition is unbridled
Solidarity forevermore
Among the snow covered plum blossom ridge

Get the drama here

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