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Help Me... Please...

Please... Anyone who have this file or know where can i download this piece, do tell me. Thank You Very Much for your effort... (^_^)v

Here is the list...

- Full List -

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



1) only drama, movie, anime, tv series
2) its up to me, no time promise
3) info and other link provide is better. Cut 1/2 my time to search
4) songs from all those in rules 1) only
5) other than this, maybe i'll consider if it got my attention

=> KYLE S2
=> Star Kid
=> Hong Fu Nu (Shu Qi)
=> Simon Birch
=> Wooly Boys
=> Radio Flyer
Pujangga Asmara
=> [KD] My Girl ~ 250mb- really sorry, not enough time to convert the file.
=> [sentai] kabuto in MF 
=> I Will Always Love You (Richard Gutierrez & Angel Locsin) ---> Fail & Drop
=> Mano Po5 (Richard Gutierrez & Angel Locsin) ---> Fail & Drop
=> Let The Love Begin (Richard Gutierrez & Angel Locsin) --->Fail & Fail & Drop
=> My Monster Mom (Richard Gutierrez) ---> Fail & Fail & Drop
=> OST of Return OCH 1998 ---> Fail & Fail & Drop

ANIME lover
=> [ANIME] City Hunter
=> [TWD] It Start With a Kiss
=> [TWD] They Kiss Again
=> [JD] Battery
=> [JM] Crows Zero 1
=> [JD] Code Blue SP
otromens=> pandora box...part 2 -> lakonan chow sing chee....(stephen chow)
=> [JD] Code Blue SP
=> Supernatural S01 - S06
=> Maluwin The Movie (Richard Gutierrez & Angel Locsin) ---> Fail & KIV
=> Maluwin TV series (Richard Gutierrez & Angel Locsin) ---> Fail & KIV
=> The Magic Touch Of Fate (Magician's Romance)
=> Princess Pearl II
=> The Legenday Swordmans fann wong's version
=> [KD] High Kick
=> [KM] Jenny & Juno
=> love at the aegean sea
=> reunion (movie)
=> Handsome Siblings I
=> Handsome Siblings II (with Jimmy Lin)
=> Secret Murder
=> [CHDrama] journey to the west tahon 1996
=> Silent Tears (Jia Nai Liang)
=> True Blood (Jia Nai Liang)
=> [K] Romance
=> [K] Rival
=> [JD] Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
=> Legend of the condor heroes 2009
=> High Kick 1&2
=> the heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2003
=> Legend of Heaven and Hearth: The Mermaid
=> [JD] Code Blue 2
=> [JM] Crows Zero 2
=> [KM] The Way Home
=> [CHDRAMA] The Duke of Mountdeer lakonan Dicky Cheung
-> Legend Of Heaven & Earth: The Mermaid (Roger Kwok)
-> Treasure Venture (vicki zhao wei)
-> [JD] Puzzle 2008
-> Chinese Drama : Liu Zhi Qin Mo (Deadly Melody)
Year : 2003-2004
Link :
Uchiha Melzor
-> [sentai] Choudenshi Bioman
[twd] The White Snake Legend 1993 (Cecilia Yip n Angie Chiu)
-> [CD] Hero 2003
-> [Sentai/Metal Hero] - Kidou Keiji Jiban 

-> [jd] Hikari ni Naritai
-> [chdrama] Wu Dang II
-> [chdrama] Southern Shaolin
-> [chdrama] Shaolin King Of Martial Arts
-> [hong kong movie] fatal contract (2006)
-> Wu Jing
-> Fatal Contact
-> Wind Blast
-> Invincible Target.
-> Dengeki sentai changeman
-> Mirai sentai timeranger
-> Changerion
-> ost for jdrama Doctor X-2



sthov said...

Why closing it??? It's not reach 100th comment yet...

usagi said...

its already 100 comment ^_^v

Anonymous said...

code blue 2 , please

usagi said...

code blue 2 xder lg. add in request done ^_^v

Anonymous said...

crows zero 1 and 2 , please , thanks a mil for your time

Anonymous said...

code blue sp , please....

usagi said...

i would love if Anonymous can use a name. a nickname is ok, just don't use Anonymous. add in the request ^_^v

sthov said...

Hey, Usagi, how are you???

Sorry, I haven't contact you for a while as I don't have internet right now, my not allow me to reconnect it yet as he says, it nears my final and I need to focus on final first... so...

Anyway, can you upload a movie called "The Way Home" it's a korean movie that says it's stolen 4.2 million heart a cross the Korea and I really want to watch it but I can't find anywhere to download it...

Thank You For EVERYTHING...

usagi said...

sorry, can't do much at the moment. have to wait for the line. don't know how much longer have to wait. everything will be clean up when the line is up

Anonymous said...

whadup.hope u can upload KR den-o latest movie . and KR decade siries and movie.

usagi said...

hi Anonymous
right now, i;m still waiting the net to my house. not much update for a moment. as 4 KR decade n all those movies for KR den-o that i missing, it will b update later. needs all the time to finish all that in this area of time ^___^V

Miles said...

Hi, long time no chat, i was crazy with the work lately.

Hey do you have Return Of The Condor Heroes as PDF, you know, the book. I use to have it once but due to my hard drives is dead, now everything is gone.

Hope u have it and upload it.
Thanks in advance.

usagi said...

hi miles.... sorry, i idn't have the book version. can't help u there

usagi said...

-> adding in the list ^_^v

Miles said...


do you have KDRAMA Dream of Kim bum in 720p???

if you do, please upload in mu.

love you blog by the way.

usagi said...

do u mean 'dream' and 1 of the actor is kim bum? so far i don't have it. will try to get the drama n post it here later.... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi, there! I'm Miles

I want to request a drama. I can't find them anywhere. I just hope you have it.

Type : Chinese Drama
Name : Liu Zhi Qin Mo (Deadly Melody)
Year : 2003-2004
Link :

usagi said...

hi miles...
these few days, i've tried to search for the drama. sorry, still no luck. i'll keep looking again....

Huang6007 said...

Mind if you upload Supernatural Season 1 to Season 6? I miss so many parts at TV show... :( And thanks if you have uploaded it :)

usagi said...

adding to the list... ^_^

Uchiha Melzor said...

can u upload choudenshi bioman? thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Once someone has uploaded the kamen rider kabuto in mediafire links, do let me know.

Also is there anyone can put Chouseishin Gransazer in Mediafire link also. Thanks again.

usagi said...

Uchiha Melzor
-> i don't have bioman a the moment. will look 4 it

-> add in list. i will update the progress in post. since u already my follower, u will be notified later. sankyou... ^_^V

Siesie said...

Hi, i don't know if u still accept the request here..

well, i'm looking for taiwan series The White Snake Legend 1993(Cecilia Yip n Angie Chiu) with eng subs.

i watched these series when i was a little kid, n now i want watch again but it seem very hard to find (-__-")

i hope u can help me..
*cross fingers*

thx before :)

usagi said...

hi Siesie...
i still axxept any request. it just takes more time to dl n upload. i'll put it in the list n will upload it later. just keep track of my post...

Siesie said...

OMG!!! thx so much Usagi...
i will wait for ur update then >_<

usagi said...

welcome... in the mean time, have fun with the others... ^_^

Huang said...

can you upload CDRAMA Hero 2003? I can't barely find it in internet... If you got, please upload as soon as possible, my girlfriend wants to watch it

usagi said...

hi Huang. at the moment i don't have CDRAMA Hero 2003. i'll try to look it 4 u. add in the list...

Anonymous said...

Hi can you upload Episodes of [Sentai/Metal Hero] - Kidou Keiji Jiban?

If Possible its english subbed.



usagi said...

hi Anonymous

at the moment, i don't have [Sentai/Metal Hero] - Kidou Keiji Jiban. i'll try to look it around. will post it when available.

Anonymous said...

hai there usagi..

for starters,
love ur blog,
i can see u r uploading the flashman series which i'm currently am searching for itnice.

i have a request of a cybercop series(reference), found it but most of them are megaupload which is already dead, much appreciated if u can find this one and upload it later,

many thanks usagi :) -anon-

usagi said...

hi Anonymous.....

thank you very much n welcome aboard

at the moment, cybercop series didn't have subtitle which is why i didn't dl it yet

i'll keep searching for this series with eng sub n will upload it later. i don't usually dl the series if there is no eng sub. sometime i do ^__^

have patient n u r welcome to look around my other post. of course all MU link are dead, n i'm trying to reupload using the MF. at the moment, MF giving some problem. but i'll be back with more MF link for others...

have fun ^__^V

Miles said...

Hello! It's been awhile, how are you???

I was wondering if I can request a few TV series.

Mostly they are work of Wu Jing

1.Wu Dang II
2.Southern Shaolin
3.Shaolin King Of Martial Arts

usagi said...

Hello miles... Long time ni news from. hope u're fine. i'm still ok at the moment ^_^

i do take request, but no promise. since the sopa on, not much site provide with the drama anymore. i'll see what i can do ^_^

Miles said...

Actually, there is a site that has movies that I want but in torrent.

I can't access to it b'cos of Survey.
Maybe you have a better luck.
Can you help me check this out?

Thank, I am fine too. What about you changing the home? Was it long done? How is the new place???

usagi said...

hi Miles...

i already check the link u give. that site need u to register n have a few post before u can access the dl thread. anyway, i already found another torrent for that story. but the things is, its gonna takes lots of time with torrent. i try see what i can do n post it when its done ^_^

its been 2 years already n i'm having fun in my new house. not much of any furniture, but since its mine, i feel more comfortable there ^_^
still planning and saving to do so much deco :D

Unknown said...

I am trying to download a few CDrama.

Can you show me a show sharing site?

You used to give me once about or something.

I forgot this site, I can't access it.

Can you give to me once more.

After megaupload died.

Downloading is even more limited.

usagi said...

hi its....

well... at the moment, most of their file r xpired. but u can try anyway. good luck ^_^V

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just saw that you once posted the winter sonata drama ost, and I wanted to request the ost of the anime if you find it and have time to post it. Thank you! ^^

Unknown said...

Hello again.

I can't access the link. maybe the site is down now.

I was wonder if you know Wu Jing.

He starred in Fatal Contact, Wind Blast, Invincible Target.

I was wondering if you have any movies or tv series of him.

Can you upload it or shared the links that you found.

Perhaps torrents???

Hope you can help :-)
Thanks again, for everything.

usagi said...

hi.... at the moment, i don't have ost for the anime. i'll look 4 it 1st, n post later k... =)

usagi said...

hi again. i don't really have the collection of the wu jing. n the movie u state, i don't have them. i'll try to look around, n post it later =)

Anonymous said...

Request ninja sentai kakuranger...

Anonymous said...

Request Choushinsei Flashman

Saintsan said...

I would like to request for Glass Mask OVA and its OST. Thank you very much...

usagi said...


its your day ^_^ i'm on my way updating this series ^_^v

Saintsan said...

Thank you very much :D

usagi said...

welcome n have fun.... ^_^

Brenda said...

Hi, do you have this drama? Any chance to upload them here? Thanks <3

usagi said...

hi brenda. i already have my eyes on this drama. hu hu hu... i'll upload it later. add in list.. ^_^v



usagi said...

roger. adding it in list... ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm actually not requesting anything new I just want to request that you reupload a couple of broken links on your site. I've been looking for the nobuta wo produce shuuji to akira seishun amigo mognet sub for a long time. I used to have it but it got deleted by a virus. I've been trying to download it for a whole year but there are no seeds left and all the uploads have been removed. Here is your original post:

I'm hoping you still have both of those pvs and if you could reupload them. I hope I'm not breaking any rules as these requests seem to be geared towards dramas while I'm requesting you reupload pvs. Also I hope this is the right section for broken links...

Anonymous said...

hi um delete the above request. I missed the notice and only read the requesting rules, I'll repost this in the original post.

usagi said...

kagura-ogata - tqvm... ^_^

haRie said...

admin.. please fix link episode 5 part 1 and episode 10 part 4.. it is wrong link, please fix it,, I very wanted this jdrama..
please email me at for the fixed link..
Thank you very much..

haRie said...

Sory, I forget, the Jdrama is MAOU..
Please fix it link ..

usagi said...

line have been fix as per request at the designated page. have fun.... ^_^v

Alraune said...

Please, can anyone find me Changerion? ç_ç

usagi said...

hi Alraune....
i've been looking for the Changerion for a few days, but sorry, no luck there. i've only found some without the eng sub. so, i'll take this noted, n posted it here when i got the subbed file...

kirihana said...

Hi, I want to request OST for JDrama 'Doctor X-2'

Thanks :D

usagi said...

hi kirihana..
i've been looking around, sorry, but no luck. update in the post. will post it when i have the file in my hand ^_^

Zulfikar Iqbal said...

Hi usagi, saya mau request ost all kamen rider dong, dari era showa sampai heisei dong terimakasih usagi hehehe

ini beberapa linknya

usagi said...

dear Zulfikar Iqbal
sorry, i can't help you since the link u give me didn't help much. if u can give the specific ost name, maybe i can try to find them. sorry again...

kamestar said...

Hey Usagi, I want to request drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shici Henge ( had been looking around for HD quality but no luck. Thanks in advance!

usagi said...

hi kamestar

get the yamato nadeshiko shichi henge here ->
its the best file i can give

kamestar said...

thank you so much! that helps a lot.

usagi said...

welcome n have fun... ^_^V

usagi said...

hi Brenda
[twdrama] Mars (2004) ->

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