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Monday, August 28, 2017

[KD] EMPRESS KI (2013)

Other Name : Gi Hwanghu
Episode : 51
Format : mkv
Audio : Korea
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : mbc, D. Bannon, HiyeE, ahari_boyrain, 
Release : 2013
Note : Please change blw to mkv first before join the file  
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he series revolves around Gi Seungnyang, a Goryeo-born woman who ascends to power despite the restrictions of the era's class system, and later marries Toghon Temür (Emperor of Mongol Empire) to become an empress of the Yuan dynasty, instead of her first love, Wang Yu. It managed to highlight the deep love the Emperor embedded in Lady Ki and depicts her loves and political ambitions - wikipedia

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Other Name : Gu Jian Qi Tan, Swords of Legend
Episode : 50
Format : mkv
Audio : Mandarin
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : Ancient Sword Team, EvaDreaming, Viki
Release : 2014
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Cast : -
Set during the Tang Dynasty, a young and quiet swordsman name Baili Tusu (Li Yi Feng) is infected by the aura of an ancient demonic sword known as the Sword of Burning Solitude. Living with the dark energy, he grew up without family. Until one day, he meets a friendly girl Feng Qingxue (Yang Mi) along with a group of heroes, and together they wander the land to seek out destiny and bring balance to the world.
Source: - wiki d-addicts

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Other Name : Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Episode : 18
Format : mkv
Audio : Korean
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : Viki, The Moonlight Lovers, bozxphd
Release : 2016
Note : Please change ylr to mkv first before join the file  
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Cast : 
  • Jinyoung as Kim Yoon-sung
    • Lee Hyo-je as young Yoon-sung

This drama is based on the web novel “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” by Yoon Yi Soo and illustrated by kk which was originally published online from 2013-Oct-03 to 2014-Oct-10 on
Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung), disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Lee Yeong—future Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo Gum). Hong Ra On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is unaware that Hong Ra On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra On to become one of them  


Other Name : -
Episode : 2
Format : mkv
Audio : Korean
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : VIU, bozxphd
Release : 2016
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- wikipedia

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OST Part 1
Title : Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OST Part 1 - Soyou, YU SEUNGWOO
Release : 23/08/2016 
Composer / Artist : Soyou, YU SEUNGWOO
File Size : 18.1MB [ACC1F701]
Format / Bitrate : mp3 320kbps 
Note : Please change ylr to rar first before join the file  
Track List : 02 tracks

01. I Think I'm Done Sleeping
02. I Think I'm Done Sleeping (Inst.)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

[KD] HWARANG (2016)

Other Name : Hwarang : The Poet Warrior Yputh 
Episode : 20 + SP
Format : mkv
Audio : Korean
Subtitle : English (Softsub)
Sub Group / Rip : KOREADL 
Release : 2016
Note : Please change vjy to mkv first before join the file  
See More : - 
Jiso has ruled the Kingdom of Silla as regent since King Beopheung passed away, keeping her young son Sammaekjong hidden outside of the capital Seorabeol and safe from enemies and assassins. As Sammaekjong comes of age, nobles, citizens, officials and Sammaekjong himself have all grown impatient for her to cede power. However the powerful nobles that tried to usurp power in the Kingdom continue to eye the throne and Ji-so fears the consequences of her ceding it.
In order to break the power of the nobles, who have grown accustomed to their privileges under the bone rank system, Jiso plans to create a new elite, the Hwarang, that will cut across the existing power factions, and to bind them to Sammaekjong and the throne. As this new elite of male youths bond and grow[10] they are unaware that within their number is their future king, Sammaekjong, and Kim Sun-woo, a commoner with a secret even he is not aware of - wikiedia

[OST] HWARANG (2016)

Hwarang OST
Title : VA - Hwarang OST  
Release : 2017
Composer / Artist : VA
File Size : 298MB [89DA63D0]
Format / Bitrate : mp3 320kbps 
Note : Please change vjy to rar first before join the file   
Track List : 41 tracks

01. 죽어도 너야 – 뷔(V)진(Jin)
02. 드림 – 볼빨간사춘기
03. 서로의 눈물이 되어 – 효린
04. 신의 한 수 – 양요섭
05. 그 곳이 어디든 – 한동근
06. 너만 보여 – 웬디슬기
07. 주문을 외우다 – 전우성(노을)
08. 날 혼자 두지 마 – 정동하
09. 신의 한 수 (Acoustic ver.) – 김주나
10. 여기 있을게 – 박형식
11. 서로의 눈물이 되어 (선우 Ver.) – 박서준
12. Hwarang The Beginning – 오준성
13. Hwarang Spirit (Opening Title) – 오준성
14. Cloud Of Love (Main Theme) – 오준성
15. Night Story Princess – 오준성
16. Open The Gate – 오준성
17. Victory March – 오준성
18. Blossom – 오준성
19. Chorus Of Hwarang – 오준성
20. Nan Jang Pan – 오준성
21. Funny Ground – 오준성
22. Bright Waltz – 오준성
23. Flower & Bee – 오준성
24. Dog & Bird – 오준성
25. Cat Walking – 오준성
26. Sweet Rhythm – 오준성
27. Cotton Candy – 오준성
28. Run Together – 오준성
29. Sad Cliff – 오준성
30. Fly Butterfly – 오준성
31. Kongdak Kongdak – 오준성
32. With Mate – 오준성
33. Happy Hour – 오준성
34. More And More – 오준성
35. Love & Friendship – 오준성
36. Moonlight Of Silla – 오준성
37. Empty Palace – 오준성
38. Shadow Chaser – 오준성
39. Sea Of Crying – 오준성
40. Dangerous Sign – 오준성
41. Oktagak – 오준성

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