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Friday, September 12, 2014


Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2 OST
Title : The Twilight Saga 2012 - Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack
Release : 2012
Composer / Artist :
File Size : 105MB [082B33BE]
Format / Bitrate : mp3
Note : Please change avy to rar first before join the file 
Track List : 14 tracks

1. "Where I Come From"     
    Passion Pit  
    Bella sees herself in the mirror when she finishes her transformation    3:39

2. "Bittersweet"     
    Ellie Goulding & Sonny Moore  
    3rd song in end credits    3:56

3. "The Forgotten"     
    Green Day  
    2nd song in end credits    4:59

4. "Fire in the Water"     
    Bella and Edward are intimate in the cottage    2:30

5. "Everything and Nothing"     
    The Boom Circuits  
    Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Esme finish building the cottage and return to celebrate Bella's last birthday    4:25

6. "The Antidote"     
    St. Vincent  
    Bella and Emmett arm wrestle    3:39

7. "Speak Up"     
    POP ETC  
    The Cullens saying goodbye to the witnesses and during Alice's vision of Renesmee and Jacob    4:40

8.  "Heart of Stone"     
    Bella and Edward in the cottage after Alice and Jasper leave    3:53

9.  "Cover Your Tracks"     
    A Boy and His Kite  
    Bella and Edward enter the cottage for the first time    4:31

10. "Ghosts"     
    James Vincent McMorrow  
    Bella returns from Seattle and in the car, she realizes she and Edward will die during the battle and loses her last hope    3:45

11. "All I've Ever Needed"     
    Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed  
    5th song in end credits    3:56

12. "New for You"     
    Reeve Carney  
    4th song in end credits    3:10

13. "A Thousand Years, Pt. 2" (featuring Steve Kazee)   
    Christina Perri  
    Bella and Edward in the meadow; 1st song in end credits    5:07

14. "Plus que ma propre vie" (More Than My Own Life)   
    Carter Burwell  
    Various scenes throughout the film    4:15

Get the complete file here : MEGA- 1/2 | 2/2

Use hjsplit to join the file : here
Get the movie here

Source :
~ wikipedia
last update : 15/09/2014

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