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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hunchback of Notre Dame OST
Release : 1996
Composer / Artist :
Title :
File Size : 292MB [E262A15F]
Format / Bitrate : mp3
Note : Please change hdt to rar first before join the file 
Track List : 55 tracks

1. The Bells Of Notre Dame
2. Talking About The Festival
3. "F"
4. Out There
5. Captain Phoebus
6. Esmeralda
7. Make Way For The Captain
8. The Palace Of Justice
9. Gypsies
10. Frollo's Teachings
11. Topsy Turvy
12. Humiliation
13. The Chase
14. Fanfare (Source)
15. I Will Never Disobey You Again
16. In The Church
17. God Help The Outcasts
18. I Want To Talk To You
19. The Bell Tower
20. Escaping The Cathedral
21. No Soldiers
22. Ugliest Face In All Of Paris
23. Heaven's Light / Hellfire
24. Paris Burning
25. A Guy Like You
26. Phoebus Wounded
27. Heaven's Light (Reprise)
28. Frollo's Coming!
29. All Paris Is Burning Because Of You!
30. Quasi's Decision
31. Quasi Joins Phoebus
32. Reading The Map
33. An Ambush
34. The Court Of Miracles
35. Warning
26. Frollo's Attack
37. Sanctuary!
38. Wicked Witch of the West Redux
39. The Inferno
40. Unfinished Business
41. Quasi's Realization (Insert)
42. And He Shall Smite The Wicked
43. Into The Sunlight / The Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise)
44. Someday
45. God Help The Outcasts (Pop Version)
46. The Bells Of Notre Dame (Instrumental)
47. Out There (Instrumental)
48. Topsy Turvy (Instrumental)
49. God Help The Outcasts (Instrumental)
50. The Bell Tower (Alternate)
51. Heaven's Light / Hellfire (Instrumental)
52. A Guy Like You (Instrumental)
53. Heaven's Light (Reprise) (Instrumental)
54. The Court Of Miracles (Instrumental)
55. Into The Sunlight / The Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise) (Instrumental)

Get the complete file here : MEGA- 1/3 | 2/3 | 3/3

Use hjsplit to join the file : here
Get the movie here

Source :
~ wikipedia
last update : 21/08/2013

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