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Sunday, December 2, 2012

[OST] ILJIMAE (2008)

Iljimae OST
Title : -
Release : 2008
Composer / Artist :
File Size : 54.9 MB [2263B108]
Format / Bitrate : mp3
Note : Please change rmp to rar first before join the file
Track List : 20 tracks

01. we ro oon bal ja kook ~ Main Title
02. hwa shin ~ Park Hyo Shin
03. mae hwa 
04. in yun ~ Woongsan
05. bool geun geu rim ja
06. oon myung eh we chi da ~ Bae Ki Sung (Can)
07. uh doom eh neup
08. eui juk il ji mae
09. eun haeng na moo uhn duk ~ Yoo Yul
10. mae hwa ~ Orch Ver.
11. hwi pa ram sae
12. san chon byul gok
13. we ro oon bal ja kook ~ Gtr Ver.
14. oon myung eh mat soo
15. hwe sang (Original Title: adonis) ~ Noriter
16. poot nae gi sarang
17. uh doom eh bang rang ja
18. bo ee ji ahn neun juk
19. in yun
~ Orch Ver.
 20. hwa shin  ~ Orch Ver.
Get the complete file here : MF

Use hjsplit to join the file : here

Get the drama here

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last update : 02/12/2012

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