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Monday, August 18, 2008


Other Name : -
Episode : 49 + Movie
Format : avi
Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English (Hardsub)
Sub Group : Tv-Nihon
Release : 2007
See More : Kamen Rider (1971), Kamen Rider V3 (1973), Kamen Rider X (1974), Kamen Rider Amazon (1974), Kamen Rider Stronger (1975), Kamen Rider (Skyrider) (1979), Kamen Rider Super-1 (1980), Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! (1984), Kamen Rider Black (1987), Kamen Rider Black RX (1988), Shin Kamen Rider : Prologue (1992), Kamen Rider ZO (1993), Kamen Rider J (1994), Kamen Rider World (1994), Kamen Rider Kuuga (2000), Kamen Rider Agito (2001), Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002), Kamen Rider 555 (2003), Kamen Rider Blade (2004), Kamen Rider the First (2005), Kamen Rider Hibiki (2005), Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006), Kamen Rider the Next (2007), Kamen Rider Den-O (2007), Kamen Rider Kiva (2008), Kamen Rider Decade (2009), Kamen Rider W (2009), Kamen Rider OOO (2010), Kamen Rider Fourze (2011), Kamen Rider Wizard (2012)

Ryotaro Nogami is a young man with a lot of bad luck. One day, he finds a strange pass and things got stranger from a mysterious girl and a large time-traveling train to being possessed by an entity called an Imagin, beings from an alternate future whose kind are attempting to change the past. Though slightly confused about the nature of the crisis, Ryotaro, along with the aid of the hot-headed Imagin, dubbed Momotaros, becomes Kamen Rider Den-O, traveling to different times on the Den-Liner to battle the evil Imagin to prevent them from altering the past to affect the present and future.

During his adventure, Ryotaro is joined by other Imagin who aid him as well; the womanizing Urataros, the herculean (and narcoleptic) Kintaros, and the childish yet powerful Ryutaros. He later meets the mysterious Yuto Sakurai and his bumbling Imagin partner Deneb. Yuto is not only Kamen Rider Zeronos but is the younger incarnation of Ryotaro's older sister Airi's fiance, Sakurai, who mysteriously disappeared and is tied to the mysteries revolving the Imagin and the Junction Point - wikipedia

MEGAUPLOAD Ep01 : Here I Come!
MEGAUPLOAD Ep02 : Ride on Time
MEGAUPLOAD Ep03 : Outlaw Momotarō
MEGAUPLOAD Ep04 : Get Out Oni! I am Serious
MEGAUPLOAD Ep05 : The Challenge to the Past
MEGAUPLOAD Ep06 : A Swindler's Dignity
MEGAUPLOAD Ep07 : Jealousy Bomber
MEGAUPLOAD Ep08 : Sad Melody, Loving Memory
MEGAUPLOAD Ep09 : You Wept Over My Strength
MEGAUPLOAD Ep10 : Hana in a Stormy Singularity Point
MEGAUPLOAD Ep11 : Madness, Delusion, Baby's Breath
MEGAUPLOAD Ep12 : Run Taros!
MEGAUPLOAD Ep13 : Okay? Your Answer Doesn't Matter
MEGAUPLOAD Ep14 : Dance With Dragon
MEGAUPLOAD Ep15 : Bath Jack Panic
MEGAUPLOAD Ep16 : Star of Happiness, Criminal's Surrender
MEGAUPLOAD Ep17 : That Guy Just Now! Already in the Past?
MEGAUPLOAD Ep18 : A Clockwork Fiancé
MEGAUPLOAD Ep19 : That Man, Zero's Start
MEGAUPLOAD Ep20 : Let Me Say This to Start
MEGAUPLOAD Ep21 : Fighting Style
MEGAUPLOAD Ep22 : An Unspeakable Future
MEGAUPLOAD Ep23 : Enter the Prince, Kneel Down to Him!
MEGAUPLOAD Ep24 : The Prince's Goodbye Lullaby
MEGAUPLOAD Ep25 : Climax Double Jump
MEGAUPLOAD Ep26 : The Ticket to God's Line
MEGAUPLOAD Ep27 : The Diamond Thieving Fang
MEGAUPLOAD Ep28 : Too Lucky, Too Excited, Too Strange
MEGAUPLOAD Ep29 : Lucky Horror Show
MEGAUPLOAD Ep30 : Madam, How About the Fireworks?
MEGAUPLOAD Ep31 : Ai Need Yu
MEGAUPLOAD Ep32 : Last Train Card Zero!
MEGAUPLOAD Ep33 : Time Traveler Kohana
MEGAUPLOAD Ep34 : The Time Interval Pianist
MEGAUPLOAD Ep35 : Tragic Resurrection Card Zero
MEGAUPLOAD Ep36 : No Possession, No Secession, Train Slash!
MEGAUPLOAD Ep37 : I Have the Face for It, Don't I?
MEGAUPLOAD Ep38 : The King Train Within the Train Terminal
MEGAUPLOAD Ep39 : The Rider Disappears As Well
MEGAUPLOAD Ep40 : Change Imagin World
MEGAUPLOAD Ep41 : Candy Scandal
MEGAUPLOAD Ep42 : Memory Update
MEGAUPLOAD Ep43 : Something Missing
MEGAUPLOAD Ep44 : Resolution of a Single-Action
MEGAUPLOAD Ep45 : Reliving a Blank Day
MEGAUPLOAD Ep46 : Now to Reveal Love and Truth
MEGAUPLOAD Ep47 : You Wept Over My End
MEGAUPLOAD Ep48 : Opposite Goodbyes...
MEGAUPLOAD Ep49 : The Climax Goes on No Matter What
MEGAUPLOAD Ep26.5 : Kamen Rider Den-O - den-o & shin-chan
MEGAUPLOAD Ep47-49 DC Cut : Kamen Rider Den-O Final 3
Movie DC : Ore, Sanjou!
Movie : Ore, Sanjou!
Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Deka
Den-O Misc

Movie xxx : Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations : The Onigashima Warship (2009)

Use hjsplit to join the file : here

Opening Theme Song : Climax Jump
Singer : AAA Den-O form
Album :
Episode : 1-39, 46

Opening Theme Song : Climax Jump Den-Liner form
Singer : Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros (Toshihiko Seki, Kōji Yusa, Masaki Terasoma, Kenichi Suzumura)
Album :
Episode : 40-45, 47-48, Climax Deka

Insert Song : Climax Jump hiphop Ver
Singer : AAA Den-O Form
Album :
Episode : 13-16, I'm Born, Climax Deka

Insert Song : Double Action Piano form (1-4)
Composition: LOVE+HATE
Album :
Episode : 33-34

Insert Song : Double Action Coffee form
Singer :
Album : Naomi & Airi Nogami (Rina Akiyama & Wakana Matsumoto)
Episode : 36

Insert Song : Climax Jump hiphop Version
Singer : AAA Den-O form
Album :
Episode : 37

Ending Theme Song : Double Action
Singer : Ryotaro Nogami & Momotaros (Takeru Satoh & Toshihiko Seki)
Album :
Episode : 3-7, 10-11, 14, 16, 18-19, 23, 33, 41, Climax Deka

Ending Theme Song : Double Action Rod form
Singer : Ryotaro Nogami & Urataros (Takeru Satoh & Kōji Yusa)
Album :
Episode : 8-9, 15, 22, 44, Climax Deka

Ending Theme Song : Double-Action Ax form
Singer : Ryotaro Nogami & Kintaros (Takeru Satoh & Masaki Terasoma)
Album :
Episode : 15, 24, 31, 44, Climax Deka

Ending Theme Song : Double-Action Gun form
Singer : Ryotaro Nogami & Ryutaros (Takeru Satoh & Kenichi Suzumura)
Album :
Episode : 17, 21, 26, 44, Climax Deka

Ending Theme Song : Action-ZERO
Singer : Yuto Sakurai & Deneb (Yuichi Nakamura & Hōchū Ōtsuka)
Album :
Episode : 25, 27, 32, 35, 37, 46, Climax Deka

Ending Theme Song : Real-Action
Singer : Ryotaro Nogami (Takeru Satoh)
Album :
Episode : 36, 38-39, 42, 45, Climax Deka

Ending Theme Song : Double-Action Wing form
Singer : Ryotaro Nogami & Sieg (Takeru Satoh & Shin-ichiro Miki)
Album :
Episode : Finale, I'm Born! Final Cut Version

Other songs
Title : Double-Action GAOH form
Singer : Kamen Rider Gaoh (Hiroyuki Watanabe)
Episode : I'm Born! Final Cut Version

Title : Den-O Vocal Tracks Linear (C-J D-A nonstop re-connection)
Singer :
Episode :

Title : Action-ZERO Piano form
Composition : LOVE+HATE
Album :
Episode :

Title : Double-Action CLIMAX form
Singer : Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros, Deneb (Toshihiko Seki, Kōji Yusa, Masaki Terasoma, Kenichi Suzumura, Hōchū Ōtsuka)
Album :
Episode :

Get the OST here

Source :

~ Wikipedia
~ Kamen Rider Series
~ Tv-Nihon

last update : 15/09/2010

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